Irina Vorobyeva


About the author

Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you to the pages of my website-gallery! 

My name is Irina Vorobieva. I am an artist, a member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia and the international Federation of artists of UNESCO (International Federation of Artist).

"Painting is a song without words," said once the great Russian painter Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon, who created in the first half of the twentieth century. Painting is my passion and life. I create paintings that reflect my inner world, my love for beauty and harmony. In art, eternal and fleeting always go hand in hand. Painting, in my opinion, should spiritually enrich a person, awaken in him a sense of beauty, harmony, love and kindness. If the look at the picture originates in the soul of man bright impulses – this is the best reward for the artist.

I am constantly in creative search, learning new things and developing my skills. In my gallery you will find works made in different techniques. I've been experimenting a lot lately with abstract expressionism. This direction allows you to Express your feelings, emotions and experiences freely and spontaneously using form, texture and color.  Each new work is improvisation, unique and inimitable.